Friday, 11 August 2017

Eureka! More Hardy Warriors Join the Shieldwall...

These hardy warriors are all from Eureka Miniatures small, but rather splendid, range of 28mm Dark Age figures. I am hoping to fill out the ranks with a few more from them, and even a couple of special "civilian" items. There is an even split between decals & freehand on the shields. Interestingly the figure 2nd from right in first picture was originally armed with the angon, I replaced this with a standard spear. I like the variety of clothing & armour in the figures.

I updated the blog a bit recently, including my painting commission page.

All the best,

Monday, 7 August 2017

Twas a Mighty Saxon Horde.....

G'day all,
recently finished a large commission of Anglo Saxons, all Crusader Miniatures 28mm metals. The basing and banners are to be done by my client, the shields are a combination of freehand and decals.

There were 2 x 24 figure units of fyrd, 8 x Archers, 8 x Slingers, and 24 Thegns. Here are some pics :-)

Hope you didn't mind looking at all the pictures? I wouldn't mind some of these poses in my own collection.

All the best,

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Hama & Gamling Join the Anglo-Saxons!

I managed to pick up a Hama & Gamling from the GW Lord of the Rings range of miniatures via eBay. They were relatively inexpensive as they are among the more common sculpts, some of the rarer figures really are rather expensive. I thought these figures would be ideal to convert for my Anglo-Saxon collection.

It was easy enough to bend the left arms and give them shields , (I picked up a pack of spare shields from Gripping Beast a while back) - they even received suitably equine decals from Little Big Men Studios.
I left the armour on the arms, painting it as leather, it would have been too much hassle to file it away & re-sculpt. I did however shorten the length of the hauberk & simplified the legs & boots - a combination of cutting, filing & green-stuff.

As in my previous conversion of a Rohan Royal Guard, I shortened the length of the cloaks. The long cloaks were fine if riding horses only, but not practical for fighting on foot.

The original slotta bases were discarded in favour of 3mm mdf, the feet were drilled and pinned into the base.

I would like to get hold of some more of the Rohan metal figures, and the Dunlendings - but only if I can find them at the right price :-)

All the best,

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